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Emmett Eiland has imported, produced and retailed Oriental rugs since 1969 from his Berkeley, California store. In the early days of his business, he made frequent buying and research trips to Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and the Soviet Union. He has organized exhibitions of Oriental rugs, made a film on the repair and restoration of Oriental rugs and taught classes on rugs at the University of California Extension. In the year 2000, his book, Oriental Rugs Today, was published by Berkeley Hills Books and was reissued later in a second edition. In 2005 he and his wife, Natasha Eiland, co-authored a novel, The Last Resort, also published by Berkeley Hills books. Today, Emmett Eiland lives with Natasha and their Bernese Mountain Dog, Lucy, in Oakland, California.

When a Dragon Winks is published and copyrighted by Muddy Wolf Productions, 2009. Cover art by Nik Eakle Design. Production of serialized web book, Dave Brown Design. All rights are reserved.

handspun wool for oriental rugs

When a Dragon Winks

  • A novel by Emmett Eiland

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