When a Dragon Winks now available in Paperback

Many of you already know that you can read Emmett’s new novel on our website.

But those of you who aren’t up for reading an entire novel on your computer screen (and I suspect that is most of you) will be interested to know that When a Dragon Winks is now available in paperback form.

Copies can be ordered from Amazon.com or Createspace.com.


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    Traci Schwerin February 25, 2010

    Amazing book. I laughed, I giggled, I waited in suspense – thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    Amir December 18, 2015

    SUCH a great idea. Was just wondering how I could DIY a rug with fraibc in fact, because I can’t seem to find an affordable (i.e. under $700) rug for my living room that has a fun colorful modern-but-whimsical pattern.