Turkmen Rugs Exhibit in San Francisco

There’s a fantastic exhibit about Turkmen rugs, called For Tent and Trade: Masterpieces of Turkmen Weaving going on at San Francisco’s de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.

More than 40 interesting pieces of Turkmen weaving, many quite old, should entice any San Francisco area local with an interest in Central Asian art to make it out to the showing, which runs until September 7.

Also on display are five embroidered women’s mantles (ornamental Turkmen robes) which are quite impressive.

turkmen rugs

A Turkmen camel bag face (left) and a camel hanging, or asmalyk (right) from the de Young exhibit.


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    Jawid October 27, 2008

    Hello, I got some old traditional turkmen pieces made by Ersari tribes living in Afghanistan as well some museum pieces of Turkmen rugs from Central Asia (Turkmenistan). Thanks.

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    Tuncer December 23, 2015

    LOVE your new hide! The color is wonderful! I too have been eyineg them and think they could be used in many rooms and in many ways.xoxox Janice

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    Mimi February 17, 2016

    guys I suggest to google Turkmen carpet, you will see the real carpets, these one represented here also Turkmen but, I would rather call them as a some appliances stylized under the carpet…

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    Mimi February 17, 2016

    Basically there are five major types of Turkmen carpets, hence there are 5 provinces in Turkmenistan each of which has a unique ornament.