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Those of you who know Emmett are aware that he is an avid writer as well as businessman and rug expert.

In addition to his Oriental rug book, Emmett and his wife Natasha co-authored the novel The Last Resort, published in 2004.

Well, all of us rug lovers are in for a treat. Emmett has been writing a new novel which unites his love of fiction with his passion for Oriental rugs. The first three chapters of Emmett’s new novel have just been published on our website, with more to come soon.

When a Dragon Winks is a celebration of Oriental rugs and a good laugh at the many who fatten themselves off them. It is a cat-and-mouse game of “Find the Fake Rug,” and it is a question of aesthetics: Can a forgery be a work of art?

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    Anna December 18, 2015

    Thanks for the intsghi. It brings light into the dark!