Persian Rugs: A Last Chance?

persian bidjar

Persian Bidjar, 3’8″ x 5’8″ This piece is a good example of the striking originality of many Persian carpets.

The US is expanding its embargo of Iranian goods to include Oriental carpets!

After September 30th, no new Persian rugs may be brought into the US. (In the world of Oriental rugs, Persian rug refers solely to those from Iran.) When the Persian carpets in this country are gone, they cannot be replaced

Persian carpets are arguably the best in the world, known especially for their lustrous wool and unmatched use of color. We at Emmett Eiland’s are especially keen on the new generation of Persian carpets woven with hand spun wool and natural dyes. We are terribly sorry to see them become unavailable, but, as long as we can’t help it, we will see them out in style.

While other dealers plan to raise prices on their stock of Persian carpets, during September we are offering them at the lowest prices you are likely ever to see.

During September, Every New Iranian Carpet is on SALE at 25% Off . . . while they Last!

Persian carpets are relatively expensive, but at 25% off, the best carpets in the world suddenly become affordable. This may literally be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to own a wonderful Persian rug . . . before they all disappear.

View our collection of Persian rugs.


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    Kevin Pearson November 29, 2010

    It is sad to see that there will be no new persians coming into the country. We clean a lot of them in our shop.

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    Taylor November 30, 2010

    What is an “Oriental” Rug?
    The term “oriental rug has become an accepted designation for all the handknotted or handwoven carpets from the Middle or Far East. Called oriental or Persian, these works include carpets from Iran (ancient Persia) China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Romania, and Russia. Although these are by no means the only rug producing countries, they are the major purveyors of the craft today. (In this text, the term rugs and carpet are used interchangeably.)

    -Persian Galleries, Atlanta, Georgia

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    the rug fanatics August 22, 2011

    OMG!!! No persian rugs?!?! I love those rugs! my second fav r those from iran… i guess ill just have to make do… *cries*

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    Anonymous September 27, 2011

    Persian rugs owners should take care of their rugs with the following small steps:
    Rotate to prevent uneven wear.
    Protect from over exposure to sun.
    All carpets should be cleaned (washed) at least once a year – more in high traffic areas.

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    Kevin Pearson October 26, 2011

    When storing a rug for any length of time do not store them in plastic and do not fold them. You can roll a rug and store it in tyvek so it can breath. A rug should always be cleaned before storing and stored in a climate controlled environment.

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    Sarwar Kamal April 4, 2012

    Would it be illegal to buy one made in Bangladesh and/or in Bangladesh collected about 60 years ago from Iran????In Bangladesh many Persian Carpets are still on collections of rich people,,,,,like ex-Governor,Big Family (richest of British India)…….