Pakistani Bokhara Rugs (Bokara or Bukhara)

Bokharas are a type of handmade Pakistani rug; also known as Bukharas or Bokaras, they predate the rug renaissance.

Pakistani Bokhara Rug
A typical Pakistani Bhokara, although red is a more common color.

Though Pakistani Bokharas are scorned by collectors, they have turned out to be honest rugs. Most are based on Turkmen prototypes called Tekkes, with repeating octagonal figures called guls, usually on fields of burgundy red, gray blue, or sometimes green.

One line of these rugs is thick and of average weave, and they are known as 9/16 doubles, meaning that they have 144 knots per square inch. They are quite inexpensive, and luxurious feeling because of their thick, soft wool imported from either Australia or New Zealand.

Pakistani Bokhara Hachlu
A Pakistani Bokhara, though not the most common kind. This piece, characterized by the two-panel field and what appear to be (but are not) prayer niches at one end of the rug, is known as a Hachlu.

The standard Bokhara, known in the trade as 10/20, is woven with a nominal 200 knots per square inch. A less often seen grade is known as 11/22 and has 242 knots per inch. This grade costs more, but I recommend paying the difference and buying it.

A variant of the Tekke gul Bokharas is the Hachlu, usually available only in a 10/20 weave. These rugs are based on a Turkmen rug known as an ‘engsi’, and are recognizable by what appears to be (but is not) a series of prayer niches along one end and a field that is divided into quarters.


  1. generic user icon
    MARY January 4, 2010

    question, what is a “multani” rug?, and what type of price would a 9×12 cost?

  2. generic user icon
    Jose January 22, 2010

    I was offered for 5 pieces:
    1 piece of 9×6
    3 pieces of 4×7
    1 piece of 3×5
    Red and Greyish Color @ $ 3,000.00
    Type: Bokara
    Country of Origin: Pakistan

    Can you let us know if this is a good deal or is this too much?

  3. generic user icon
    coral berke April 26, 2010

    I am wanting to buy a Pakastani Bukara rug 9X12 the person wants $1000.00 is is worth the price

  4. generic user icon
    swed March 27, 2011

    Another fine article… Yezz! Yezz! I knew it! Althoug I never had any doubpts about the quality of modern Pakistani rug production… others around me had and still have. When u, a man of integrity and a sound knowledge of these matters (my Guru) say that The Pakistani makes “honest rugs”, u just made my day. BTW I have em’ in black, dark blue (navy), dark camel with the guls in cream and a nice brownish shade with the guls in dark brown.
    Growing more and more popular here in sweden.

  5. generic user icon November 15, 2011

    I have three red rugs.. one is huge and looks indian like the herts rugs abother is half the size looks indian colors go right through both rugs and it almost looks like they are hand done. both have red cobalt blue i will send a picture soon

  6. generic user icon November 15, 2011

    i would like to find out what they are, some dealer offered me quite a bit of money for them i want to know what they are first. they are beautiful

  7. generic user icon
    Harrison December 11, 2012

    Children in Pakistan are inspavee to make these carpets !!!!

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    Harrison December 11, 2012


  9. generic user icon
    Katie Smith March 6, 2013

    How many countries sell these rugs?

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    Bella Crystals March 6, 2013

    Boo. Child labor and abuse. Tell people about these crimes. Help children. Have you made a child smile today.

  11. generic user icon
    deena April 23, 2013

    is the bukara better or the khal mohammdi?
    and is the 9/16 doesnt has a soft touch ?
    and how can i know if it is a copy?
    thank you

  12. generic user icon
    lauren February 3, 2014

    if you look on the side on the ads youll see an anti child labor advertisement so that mean that they support no child labor

  13. generic user icon
    Nazhat Hester September 1, 2014

    What do you call a carpet that has ‘300 knots’?

  14. generic user icon
    Richard September 4, 2014

    I’d call it a really small rug.

  15. generic user icon September 26, 2014

    We have several Pakastani Bukara rug 9X12, 8×10 and other sizes, they are handmade wool. if you are interested contact me 305-826-6626 Daymi

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    Eamon T. OSullivan October 29, 2015

    I own a Teekee Bokhara (Spelling) Pakisitan Rug since 1980 and it is in good condiition. 9 x12 It is Rust, black, beige would you have a similar rug possibly 9 x14 and whatever sizes do you have? Also need possibly 2 runners 34″ or 36″ wide by 14’long? (Tekee Bokhara Runners in Rust, Beige Black . Plush 242 knots or better knots

  17. generic user icon
    Mia April 19, 2016

    How much does an average size Bukhara carpet cost?