Odds-and-Ends Sale Feb 1-14

odds and ends chair

Friday, February 1st – Thursday, February 14th

During 38 years in business, we’ve gathered an amazing collection of odds and ends stuck away in trunks and in lofts and storage bins. It’s time for us to let it all go, and we would like to offer it to you first.

For instance, for years we have hung onto a number of very old rugs in poor condition that are wonderful study pieces or rugs for mounting on the wall. We’re offering them from $50 to $375 each. A couple of worn, room-sized carpets will sell for about $350.

Fiberglass Camel

Perhaps the most unusual article we will sell is our Camel. It was made for the 1938 World’s Fair in San Francisco, and it introduced the world to the new miracle-material, fiberglass! Though we love it, we no longer have room for it.

We will finally give up a large collection of Oriental rug fragments useful to repairers for patching rugs. Some of these fragments are really old and interesting!

We will also sell yarn and rug repair tools and supplies accumulated over the years. Attention professional rug repairers!

Among the pieces of furniture for sale is a group of Swat Valley chairs and a wonderful old wooden door surround.

Hali magazines. Old Southby’s auction catalogs. Old rug books. There are hundreds of items, all of them interesting.

Odds and Ends Sale

Assorted Fragments



Belouch Afshar

van fragment

tibetan fragment


Chinese Rugs 2

Cradle Fragments

Chinese Rugs

Door Frame

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    Judith Whitenack January 26, 2008

    Dear Emmett,
    My niece (Janet Sedlar) is crazy about your store. She came in recently and bought three new rugs (at least one was from Afghanistan), but she said that you didn’t remember me–boo-hoo! Of course it has been probably 6-7 years, and I’m married and living in Reno full time now. Clues: I teach Spanish at the University of Nevada, my husband is a musician (a jazz saxophonist), you gave me the name of Sani, who created 6 inches at the end of a Kerman that I bought from you (a fanciful rug, with pink and orange tones). I also bought a Yazd with a tree of life design and one of your books and spent many, many hours looking at every single antique rug in the store. And I met your wife (can’t remember her name) and your beautiful dog (can’t remember the breed but very furry and friendly).
    I might even buy a rug online one of these days–don’t get down there too often, but it would be fun.
    All best, Judith