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indian kashanQ: Could you tell me the approximate value of the Persian Sarouck rug attached, and if there is any market for it? The size is 11’1″ X 7’3″.

A: I don’t think the piece is a Sarouk. It looks like an Indian carpet in a Persian Kashan design. This means the carpet is worth about $800-$1200 to you. The best way to sell a piece like this is through Craigslist or a consignment/auction house.


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    Dave April 6, 2009

    Agreed re: possibility of an Indian interpretation of a Persian design. However, Indian rugs are very eclectic.

    While the rug features Kashan-like elements such as the medallion, there are several other characteristics which would point to other “Persian” design rugs as well.

    The floral sprays within the field are indicative of a Sarouk interpretation. Additionally, the corner spandrels appear to have a loose “trefoil” outlining, which is not uncommon to find in some Tabriz rugs too.

    Accurately determining COI may need further evaluation of structure and knots.

    All the best,

    Dave from Rug Rag

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    Chuck C. April 11, 2009

    I have no info regarding the name of our rug and would like some info as to its origen and value. It is 3’W x 4’8″L, 100% wool pile and Hand woven in Pakistan. The Rug No. is 2470 and R.N.: 44447. You may contact me at Thanks for your assistance.