India Rugs: Rugs by Robinson

Rugs by Robinson Carpet from India
This wonderful Indian carpet ftom Rugs by Robinson of Atlanta, Georgia in many ways represents the state of the art of decorative carpets in our rug renaissance.

You should know about the fine Indian carpets formerly imported by Rugs by Robinson. Some are still in the market, and they are beautiful and very well made.

They are unusual in that they combine natural dyes with machine-spun wool.

They have enough variegation of color (due to their vegetal dyes) to be full of character, but are so finished and ‘polished’ (owing to their mill-spun pile) that they fit into the most formal design situations.

Haynes Robinson, the firm’s founder, abandoned India as a source of rugs and is now only weaving in Turkey and Iran.


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    Haynes Robinson July 1, 2010

    Dear Emmett,
    Thanks for the press on my Revival collection. Just wanted you to know that I am back in India weaving. If fact I opened my own manufacturing company in Jaipur ! We making some great new things. I hope you all are well.

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    Vicky December 18, 2015

    hi I also love the saturated crloos contribute to the revival houses and I love the color pink czczegf3lnie when combined with each other on the carpet as I greet you cordially to the Polish interior designer ((: