Fundraiser for Local School a Success

Jefferson Fundraiser
Jefferson School Fundraiser

On June 5th Emmett Eiland’s hosted a Fundraiser party for Jefferson School, a local elementary school in northwest Berkeley. Not only was Mamas, Papas, and Tapas a blast (it featured live latin music, tapas and salsa dancing), but the silent auction raised over $20,000 for the school.

With state budget cuts in effect and more on the horizon, funding for schools like Jefferson is more important than ever. The money raised will help pay for Jefferson’s literacy program, after-school program scholarships, and PE supervision during recess.

“Without this event many such programs would have to be cut from our school,” reads the Jefferson PTA newsletter.

Emmett Eiland’s would like to thank everyone who attended this special event and made it such a success.


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    the rug fanatics July 18, 2011

    wooooaaaah… i like those rugs… theys is perty…

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