Clearance Sale March 15 – 31

Even though we choose each rug in our collection carefully and lovingly, some go unsold. We’ll be offering those rugs at greatly reduced prices over the next two weeks, during our March Clearance Sale.

Take a look here to see the hundreds of rugs available at a deep discount.

As always, you are free to try the rugs at home before you buy.

Clearance Sale


  1. generic user icon
    Tony April 13, 2008

    I own a very beautiful and expensive 13 X 10 oriental rug. I’m having a big house party, with lots of kids and food. My wife wants me to put a plastic cover over it. Is it recommended, if so were can I get such a plastic cover that big.

  2. generic user icon
    Richard April 16, 2008

    Perhaps you can just turn it over, bottom side up. It should still look nice and won’t hurt the carpet. Never heard of using a plastic cover. Many hardware stores have large clear plastic tarps for use in painting. Might try that.

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    Marcella June 18, 2013

    I have a matching pair of Pakistan rugs made in the mid 40’s which my father bought in Karachi in 1049, can you tell me what they would be worth.