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We're passionate about handmade oriental rugs, and we're excited to help you find the perfect addition to your home.

Why Emmett Eiland's?

Buying a handmade oriental rug can be a significant investment, so it's important find a reputable seller. In an industry rife with suspect sales practices, put yourself in good hands at Emmett Eiland's.

In Business Since 1969

We've been selling rugs in Berkeley, CA for over 45 years. Read our story here...

Happy Customers

With ample word of mouth referals, we don't need to rely on "going out of business" sales.

Characterful Rugs

We stock beatiful, unique, handcrafted carpets. Every piece has its own story.

No Haggling

We set fair prices for all of our merchandise, and stick by them.

Try Before You Buy

Take home any rug for a risk-free trial period before making your final decision.

Last Chance to Buy

Sadly, 2017 will be our last year in business. Read the full announcement here.

Eiland ... has made a name for himself not only as an expert on exquisite carpets but also as a straight shooter in an industry often known for its shady sales tactics and suspect characters. After 35 years in business, he has seen hundreds of rug stores open for business and then quickly close...

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We like nothing more than sharing our love for great oriental carpets. Any question is welcome.

Other Services We Provide

We don't just sell Oriental rugs. We also provide the following rug-related services.

Oriental Rug Washing

Walking on a dirty rug shortens its life prematurely. Our carpet cleaners are experts in handwashing oriental rugs with the gentle care they deserve.

Custom Cut Rug Pads

Natural rubber rug pads, custom cut to the exact size and shape of your carpet, prevent inconvenient slippage on wood floors or tile.

Oriental Rug Appraisals

Whether for insurance purposes or otherwise, we can provide a written assessment of your oriental rug. Verbal appraisals are also available.

Oriental Rug Repair

Have a rug that needs special attention? We can help with everthing from preventitive maintenance to ambitious restoration projects.

Pack Your Rug for Storage

Stored rugs are the most likely victims of moths. Protect your investment with proper mothproofing and a sealed tyvek wrap. Also handy for shipping.

Looking to Sell a Rug?

We are always looking to add unique, high-quality pieces to our collection. Both consignment and cash sale are possibilities, depending on the item.

Further Reading

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Emmett Eiland's Team

Read Emmett's story and learn more about our team

From humble beginnings in 1969 to present day Bay Area rug icon and author, follow along on Emmett's journey and meet the rest of the team too.

Oriental Rugs Book

Read Emmett's book “Oriental Rugs Today” for free

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